How to Build a Profitable Online Business

Make Money Online Using Solo Build It! pg.3 by Steve Pavlina

Site Build It! is designed around a simple formula, which they refer to as CTPM. This stands for Content -> Traffic -> Presell -> Monetize.

You may recognize that this is precisely the model uses. When done correctly this 'content is king' approach can generate tons of traffic, in my case millions of page views per month. Preselling is the process of building a relationship with visitors, which essentially means treating visitors like human beings instead of sales targets. People visit this site looking for ideas to improve their lives, so that is what I focus on providing. The final monetization step occurs when people click on ads or buy affiliated products that happen to be of interest to them.

The major limiting step in this formula is building traffic. If you cannot build decent traffic, you will not succeed. But the overall formula is sound, and it works if you do it correctly. It just happens to be very difficult for human beings to apply it without screwing it up. The advantage of Site Build It! is that it provides technical solutions to help reduce your chances of making mistakes. Where it cannot provide a technical solution, it provides clear instructions and education to help you succeed.

Even with Site Build It!, there is still no guarantee of success. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It will still take commitment and effort to build a successful online business. But this robust suite of tools will definitely put the odds of success in your favor. You do not have to become a technology expert to earn enough to quit your day job.

The key benefit of Site Build It! is that it provides tools, guidance, and coaching to help you stay focused on the correct actions. This begins with providing easy-to-use research tools to help you figure out what kind of site to create in the first place. A lot of people fail because they create sites that were doomed from the very beginning.

It really saddens me when a blogger emails me to say that s/he is still getting no traffic even after writing 100+ articles. I do not like telling people that they made their biggest mistake before the site was even launched by choosing a topic with virtually no demand... or one that is over saturated with entrenched competition. Site Build It! can help you avoid soul- crushing problems like this.