An Unexpected Solution

Make Money Online Using Solo Build It! pg.2 by Steve Pavlina

The reason I am writing this article is that I finally found a practical solution for people who want to build a successful online business without getting lost in a sea of technical details, using essentially the same business model I used to build I will explain the details in a moment.

When I started, I had already been running a previous online business full-time for nearly a decade. did not succeed because I was lucky or brilliant. It succeeded because I had already invested thousands of hours and thousands of dollars in an earlier business. I paid my dues the hard way. The articles I wrote merely scratched the surface of the complex lessons to be learned.

Eventually I gave up trying to teach people how to build an online business. Recently I received two more invitations to do my blogging workshop, and I turned them both down. I would rather invest my time and energy where I can be more effective.

Late last year I had an interesting phone call with a successful entrepreneur named Ken Evoy. A mutual contact put us in touch, suggesting that we definitely needed to work together. Ken founded an interesting business called Site Build It!, a fascinating service that helps people build income-generating web sites. They provide complete hosting as well as an extensive suite of tools to help you build traffic and generate meaningful income.

Well... Ken and I had such similar business philosophies that our phone call lasted more than two and a half hours. This guy is really passionate about helping people build businesses online, and he found a way to succeed where I could not. Ken realised just as I did that the technological complexity required to build a successful online business is just way too high for most people.

At first he tried to teach people how to do it -- even writing a book on the subject (it sold over 100,000 copies, so he knew what he was doing) -- but he ran into the same frustrating problems I did. No matter how clearly you explain it, it is just really hard for people to grasp the details, so they always screw it up. Instead of trying to teach people how to handle every little technical detail, Ken decided to build a service that would do it for them, automating as much as of the process as humanly possible. Ten years later Ken's vision is a huge success, with thousands of 'raving fan' customers who have built real income-generating websites via Site Build It!

Ken is an incredibly hands-on entrepreneur with a rare level of dedication to his customers. He is extremely active in the Site Build It! members-only forums, with more than 4,700 posts of his own. That is way more than I have made in the forums, and I thought I was pretty active. Ken makes a tremendous personal effort to help people succeed, and from talking to him myself, I could tell that his interest in people is authentic. Ken is not alone though -- there are lots of highly active members in their forums who are passionate about helping each other. This definitely is not a take-your-money-and-run operation.